• Preventive monitoring, Redundancy and Fallback
  • Improving the controllers’ concentration
  • Safety for your IT equipment
  • Reducing noise level and heat emissions

ATC tasks require the highest level of concentration

The mission-critical applications of the control tower require air traffic controllers’ absolute and constant concentration. That’s why it is so important to provide the very best possible working conditions with no diversions or disturbances. In the limited space of the tower, the noise and heat generated by the powerful processors of the computer system creates an unwanted disturbance.

However, thanks to KVM products such as KVM extenders and KVM matrix switches, the computers can be moved out of the tower to another location a good di-stance away.

This solution not only saves space in the tower but reduces the costs of air conditioning and climate control. In a dedicated server room, computer maintenance is made easier too, with no unwanted distractions from maintenance personnel.

Your individual KVM system for your ATC application

The ways in which our broad product portfolio can be combined even in large and complicated projects never ceases to amaze our customers. Already impressive in their basic version, our product variants are even more versatile when combined together.

All of our devices undergo thorough external tests. We want to make sure that they are suited for all applications however demanding they be.

24/7 and always available

Our maximum of quality standards reaches the highest reliability for your KVM system

Reaction - without any delay

Thanks to active monitoring & SNMP, critical conditions can be detected and fixed before the user even notices them

Maximum flexibility for you

Broad range of functions for even more flexibility and usability

Decide for maximum safety thanks to redundancy and fallback

The unlikely event of a system breakdown despite preventive monitoring requires a concept that allows controllers to continue their work safely and intuitively in their familiar environment.

This requires a redundant system that is safeguarded by another fallback system. Now two functional lines are still available even if the primary connection fails.

Three independent but identical systems per controller desk serve for a primary, a redundant and a fallback sys-tem. Each of these three systems consists of a computer and a KVM extender line. The controller only needs to switch between the three systems by simply pressing a button on the KVM switch, e.g. DL-MUX4.

Screen freeze function “freezes” the image last displayed on the monitor. Users are provided with the information last received before switching to a redundant system.